Use Policy

Confirmed Prayer Chapel commuter guests are required to notify us of any need to cancel your time at the Prayer Chapel as soon as possible.

There is no smoking or alcohol allowed in the Prayer Chapel or on the grounds of Deer Ridge Ministries Retreat.

Cell phones are to be turned OFF. Internet is not to be used. (Exception: Cell phones may be used to notify/text Deer Ridge Ministries staff of any questions or needs during your stay; then turned off.)

Guests are expected to keep the Prayer Chapel clean during use. Furniture is to be left in place. Shoes are to be left just inside the door on the mat provided. Coats are to be hung in closet. Be sure the door is tightly closed. It is not necessary to lock the door.

Prayer Chapel commuter guests are not allowed to visit with Deer Ridge Ministries Retreat guests unless sharing the lunch table during your visit.

There are no rest room facilities in the Prayer Chapel. Rest room facilities are available at the Retreat House.

Lights are to be turned off whenever guests leave the Prayer Chapel.

The heat/air conditioner is to be set at stated setting posted in Prayer Chapel upon departure.

Deer Ridge Ministries’ staff reserves the right to enter the Prayer Chapel at any time or to cancel Prayer Chapel reservations at any time at their discretion.


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