Providing the Gift of Free Sabbath Rest Retreats for Pastors and Spouses

Our Purpose

Why This Ministry

Our Purpose

Why This Ministry

Our Purpose - Why Deer Ridge Ministries

God has called us to provide a needed refuge for pastors and their spouses. We are here to provide a place of peace, refreshment and rest for body and soul at no cost to our guests!

"We live in a culture of increased religiosity but decreased morality. Pastors have never had to work harder to serve people than they do now. The pressures are incredible and brutal."[1]

Here are disturbing statistics from the book Pastors at Greater Risk by H.B. London, Jr.:

  • 80% of pastors believe that pastoral ministry affects their families negatively.
  • 33% say that being in ministry is an outright hazard to their family.
  • 50% feel unable to meet the needs of the job.
  • 90% feel they’re inadequately trained to cope with ministry demands.

And in a recent study, LifeWay Research found that although pastoral longevity is not a problem, pastors still reported difficult challenges concerning their work. Among Lifeway's survey results cited in a web article were the following high percentages that simply should not be:[2]

  • 80% of pastors expect conflict in their church.
  • 54% find the role of pastor frequently overwhelming.
  • 71% of churches have no plan for a pastor to receive a periodic sabbatical.

Deer Ridge Ministries was formed to help reduce these troubling stats, to encourage pastors in full time ministry. We provide, by faith, excellent retreat facilities where pastors and spouses can rest and enjoy the presence of God without having to worry about any financial obligation.

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  • Cannon Green, Lisa. "Research Finds Few Pastors Give up on Ministry." LifeWay Pastors. LifeWay Research, 01 Sept. 2015. Web. 20 June 2016.

We thank the Lord that most pastors say they love ministry work despite their extreme job difficulties. Glory! And remember them in your prayers. Now more than ever, pastors need our prayers as well as sabbath rest retreats.

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